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A field of false sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides) at Rouge Park - Detroit, Michigan

Who We Are
We are a retail backyard nursery specializing in perennial wildflowers native to Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

The Problem
The monarch butterfly population in eastern North America has declined between 85 - 95% since the 1990s and, in 2022, was classified as an endangered species. Sadly, the monarch is not alone in its plight. Many other plant and animal populations are also in serious decline primarily due to habitat loss. At today's unprecedented rate of environmental change, indigenous species struggle to adapt and compete for resources. 

How You Can Help
What we choose to plant in our landscapes matters now more than ever. A great place to start is in your own backyard. Create a habitat for wildlife and restore balance with Michigan-native plants!

A monarch on rose milkweed (Asclepias incarnata)

Our Plants Are...

🌻 Organic and pesticide-free

🌱 Grown from seed, most locally harvested

✋ Native to Michigan & the Great Lakes ecoregion

🧬 Wild type for maximum genetic diversity

🐦 Edible, deer-resistant, & bird feeder plants available

Black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia hirta), bee balm (Monarda fistulosa), and cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

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Why Native Plants? Life.

Native plants are the foundation of ecosystems. They provide the ecosystem services necessary for life to exist:

Clean Air   |   Water   |   Food   |   Habitat   |   Fertile Soil

A hummingbird clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) on bee balm (Monarda fistulosa)

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About the Owner

"When I moved into my home in 2014 and started landscaping, the first plant I bought from a local big-box store was a Crocosmia. Later, I come to find out that Crocosmia are native to Africa. If planting African plants in Michigan sounds absurd to you, then I'd like to welcome you to the world of native plants.

My mission is to support local wildlife by making Michigan-native plants accessible to metro-Detroiters.

For me, gardening with native plants is more than just gardening—it's about creating habitat and restoring balance. I find it extraordinarily healing and empowering and I hope you do, too!" 

- Mitchell (& Mako)

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