Our Plants

🌻 Organic and pesticide-free

🌱 Grown from seed, most locally harvested

✋ Native to Michigan & the Great Lakes ecoregion

🧬 Wild type for maximum genetic diversity

🐦 Edible, deer-resistant, & bird feeder plants available

A mix of black-eyd susan (Rudbeckia hirta), bee balm (Monarda fistulosa), and cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis)


Likes: butterflies, snow, & deer poop

Dislikes: bumblebees & baths

Our Story

Welcome! My name is Mitchell and this is my gardening assistant, Mako. He helps dig the holes. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Mako and I were born and raised in metro-Detroit. In 2014, we moved into our current home located on a wooded, one-acre lot that was mostly lawn. As a first-time property owner, I felt an obligation to share my land with local wildlife and help restore the forest. However, my inexperience and naiveté only led to long grass and unhappy neighbors. A year after moving in, a noxious weed notice plastered on my front door took me to city hall to learn about something I had never heard of before—native plants.

A light bulb went off. I started listening to native plant podcasts and reading whatever material I could get my hands on. I began propagating my own plants, learned how to identify invasive species, joined my local Michigan Botanical Society chapter, and even certified my property with various organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, Monarch Watch, and Saving Birds thru Habitat.

Soon after installing my first native plant garden, I started to see wildlife that I never saw growing up as a kid. To this day, I continue to be amazed at the incredible diversity of wildlife that native plants attract. Stepping out onto my back porch has become a daily adventure. Mako likes watching the butterflies, too, but he doesn't like the bumblebees as much.

Native plants have been some of my best teachers. They've taught me about biology, ecology, geology, entomology, hydrology, and mycology. They've taught me about indigenous peoples' cultures. They've taught me virtues such as patience and perseverance. They've taught me about the animals that depend on them and the living soil that they depend upon. They remind me everyday that everything is connected.

For me, gardening with native plants is more than just gardeningit's about creating habitat and restoring balance. I find it extraordinarily healing, grounding, enlightening, and empowering. The nursery allows me share some of that experience with my community.

Not sure where to begin yourself? A great place to start is in your own backyard. Every square foot of habitat makes a difference. Turn your landscape into a habitat for wildlife by introducing plants native to Michigan!

Mitchell Swindell

Owner, Detroit Wildflower Nursery


Likes: butterflies, snow, & native plants

Dislikes: giving Mako a bath

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Our native plant garden as of 2021